Important Tools & Resources For BASIC CDA Clients

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The BASIC Consumer Driven Accounts (CDA) system is a fully connected way to manage benefits, whether you have one account or several. Access your accounts via the web portal, mobile app, or your BASIC Card.


If you’re a BASIC CDA client and want to take advantage of all the available features, you have access to a wealth of resources that will help you navigate the system and manage your benefit plan(s) with ease. Hopefully you have already visited our CDA Resource webpage, which contains manuals, guides, frequently asked questions, and more.

You’ll also find client-specific information and educational materials, as well as Participant information to get you and your employees up-to-speed on the new system.

This flyer informs your Participants of what has changed since upgrading.

Check out this short overview of some common functions you may need to know:

    • How to run reports
    • How to upload a payroll file for payroll verification
    • How to remove or terminate an employee
    • How to submit a service request

Explore our Client Administration Manual which contains everything you need to know about managing your benefit plans in CDA!


Our Participant CDA Resources webpage contains participant-specific information that will help your staff navigate their benefits. Participants can learn how to log in to their account, how to request reimbursement multiple ways, how to use their BASIC Card (if applicable), and so much more. Provide this link to participants looking to learn more about the CDA system.

If you’d like to see how BASIC Consumer Driven Accounts can take your benefits package to the next level, request a proposal today!