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Welcome to BASIC

Alert: Historic high volumes are causing delays in mailing through the U.S. Postal Service. Instead of sending checks or paper claim forms to BASIC, we advise our clients and participants to utilize other payment methods like ACH and electronic forms of claim submittal to avoid delays in processing.

Consumer Driven Accounts (CDA)

Benefits should be simple. Keep it BASIC.

Getting Started…

  • Sign up and sign in to (Note: Chrome is the preferred browser when accessing your new benefit system.)
  • Explore the Client Administration Manual to learn how to manage your benefit plans.
  • For step-by-step instructions on how to access the detailed report associated with funding transactions, view the Recent Funding Transactions Guide.
  • Use the Participant Education Materials below to inform your employees about their new benefit system.
  • If you’re a current client going through conversion, review this Upgrade FAQ for frequently asked questions and answers regarding your new CDA system. Check out this one-pager that helps inform your participants what has changed. Plus watch these prerecorded webinars on how this upgrade impacts you (clients with a card currently | clients without a card currently). *Not applicable to new CDA (FSA, HRA, HSA, Commuter, Education, and Wellness) clients to BASIC.

employee benefits

Training Videos…

Use these short tutorial videos to learn how to do some common functions in your new benefit system!

  • Check out this short demo recording of your new client portal, which provide how-to tutorials on the top 4 requested functions.
  • This video shows you how to verify contributions and upload a PVR file.
  • Check this short training video on how to run and use your funding report.
  • Need to learn how to run and use an enrollment report? Check this video out!
  • To learn how to add individual employees into CDA, click here. To terminate employees from your benefit system, click here.
  • To setup and assign user access, watch this short video.

Educate Participants…

Use these materials to inform your employees about their applicable BASIC benefit accounts. Encourage participants to visit the employee CDA page for further CDA resources!

System Features & Functions
FSA – Medical and Dependent Care

*Important Reminders for Client’s Currently Going Through Upgrade

*Only applicable for current BASIC clients and their participants who are converting to the new CDA system. Not applicable to new BASIC CDA clients.

  • As part of the upgrade, BASIC is using a new bank account for ACH transactions. If you use an ACH debit filter code, you will need to add Company ID Code 8828835673 to your filter list. Without the new filter code, your ACH will decline.
  • When you receive the Consumer Driven Accounts welcome email, you will have full access to your account and the website.
  • Please remember your participants must have an email address on file with BASIC in order to access the new portal. Please direct them to email or call us at 800-372-3539 to add their email address to their account.
  • If you’re a BASIC Card client, your participants new BASIC Cards should be arriving any day in a white envelope from BASIC.

Want to learn more about BASIC’s CDA services?

To request a quote or for more information regarding adding additional benefits to your plans, click here!