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It’s that time of year! Visit our Client Renewal Resource page for tools and resources to complete your renewal and enrollment.

BASIC Consumer Driven Accounts (CDA)

Client CDA Resources

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Visit https://cdaclient.basiconline.com/ Note: Chrome is the preferred browser.

Administration Resources
  • Client Administration Manual includes instructions on how to manage your benefit plans online in the CDA system.
  • Keep up on HR and benefit regulations on our regulation web page.
  • Annual Non-Discrimination Testing is required by the IRS for many benefit plans. Visit our Non-Discrimination Testing resource page for complete instructions and FAQs. (Password: ndt230)
Training Videos

View these short tutorial videos to learn how to do some common functions within the CDA system.

Marketing Your CDA Benefit Accounts to Participants

These brochures are designed to highlight the features and benefits of BASIC CDA to your employees/participants. Additional materials with detailed instructions as well as forms and documentation are listed below and on the participant CDA resource webpage.

  • Participant Experience Flyer – Highlights of what awaits your participants within their new Consumer Driven Accounts system and service!
  • Participant MyCash Flyer – Educate your participants on the advantages of their new MyCash account!
  • Participant Welcome Email Sample – Ensure your participants have received their CDA Welcome Email by sending them this copy if needed.
  • Employee CDA System Access – Once enrolled participants will use this link to access the BASIC CDA System. Please note that this link is different from the link employers use to access the CDA System.
Participant CDA System Resources

Helpful how-to flyers on how to take advantage of the BASIC CDA system’s different features and functions. Additional participants’ resources are listed below and on the participant CDA resource webpage.


Did You Know? The Consumer Driven Accounts system makes it easy to receive support from BASIC. Click on “SUPPORT” in your CDA system to submit and track a support request. It’s a fast and convenient way to receive assistance from BASIC!

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CDA Account Specific Resources

FSA – Medical and Dependent Care
Commuter – Parking and Transit
  • Parking and Transit Guide – This guide is designed to explain IRS regulations and current year maximums.
  • Parking and Transit Enrollment Form – Single page enrollment form for participants.
  • Participant Request a Reimbursement Flyer – Learn the multiple ways participants can request reimbursement with the new CDA system.
    Without an active email on file, participants can’t access the CDA system to use the fastest, easiest way to request reimbursement. In those cases, this Parking and Transit Reimbursement Form can be used to submit their reimbursement request. It can be mailed or faxed. Please keep in mind that reimbursement time is increased when using this method over the CDA system or benefits app.
  • BASIC HSA Guide – A guide to what is an HSA, eligibility requirements, additional IRS regulations, and current IRS minimums and maximums.
  • BASIC HSA Enrollment Form – This document is for employees looking to open a Health Savings Account (HSA).
  • HSA Account Transfer Form – This form should be used when a participant wants to initiate a transfer of funds FROM another account TO their BASIC HSA.
  • HSA Contribution Request Form – Participants should use this form to make a normal, mistaken distribution, rollover or transfer contribution to their BASIC HSA.
  • Disbursement Request for HSA – Step-by-step flyer on how participants can request a disbursement from their BASIC HSA.
  • HSA Beneficiary Change Spousal Consent Form – Participants may use this form to designate or change their beneficiary. If married in common law or in a community property or marital property state, you must designate your spouse as your Primary Beneficiary. If they wish to designate someone other than their spouse, their spouse must agree by signing in the Spousal Consent section. Spouse’s signature must be notarized.
  • Investment Tool Kit Instructions – How to manage HSA investments on the Consumer Driven Accounts system.
  • HSA Investment List – Current lineup of HSA investments.