Employee Leave Management: Why It Makes Sense for Employers to Outsource FMLA in 2023!

employee leave management

Employee leave management and compliance with the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) can be complex and requires careful attention to detail. While the basic requirements of the FMLA are straightforward, determining employee eligibility and managing leave requests can be challenging. Even worse for employers, mistakes can be expensive. Employers who fail to comply with the FMLA may face legal action, including fines, penalties, and lawsuits!

Compliance with the FMLA can make employee leave management a nightmare for employers. Employers must maintain accurate records of employee leave under the FMLA, which includes tracking the amount of leave taken, the reason for the leave, and the employee’s return to work date.

Additionally, employers are on the hook for tracking intermittent FMLA leave, which differs from standard FMLA leave because it allows eligible employees to take leave in irregular blocks of time instead of all at once. For example, an employee may take intermittent leave in increments as small as an hour for numerous reasons, such as doctor appointments, medical care, and caregiving responsibilities.

Are you confident in your compliance practices?

Employers who must comply with the FMLA have a variety of demanding responsibilities, such as:

  • Comprehensive FMLA policy
  • Frequent policy review to ensure it’s up to date
  • Compliant FMLA forms
  • FMLA Summary Poster prominently displayed
  • FMLA compliant employee communications
  • Detailed information tracking and records
  • Managers who are trained on FMLA policies and procedures

Even this short list displays the challenges an employer faces with employee leave management and FMLA compliance. Even when done right, proper compliance takes time. Valuable time that should be spent on your key operations, not on paperwork and regulatory compliance.

Luckily, employers have been using BASIC as a trusted FMLA Administration & Absence Management partner for years! BASIC has the proven experience to help employers with FMLA compliance and offers five levels of service no matter what your needs are, from comprehensive compliance guidance to full-service FMLA administration with Absence Management. For a quick guide on our various FMLA Administration service options, check out our FMLA Service Options brochure.

FMLA Administration

Forget the days of worrying if your organization is compliant with FMLA regulations and enjoy the peace of mind you receive from BASIC’s compliance services. BASIC even specializes tracking intermittent leave – one of the most difficult aspects of FMLA compliance!