The FMLA assistance with the Ease you’ve been waiting for…

The ever-changing leave management landscape is proving to be an administrative headache for employers. The Family and Medical Leave Act is a law that requires covered employers with 50+ employees to provide job-protected and unpaid leave for qualified medical and family reasons. These include pregnancy, adoption, foster care placement of a child, personal or family illness, or family military leave. As the industry changes, it is increasingly difficult to keep up with the consistent changes, regulations, and laws that this Act entails. Many employers are finding relief in outsourcing a portion if not all of their FMLA burden, as many companies simply cannot keep up.

Employers who manage their own FMLA have the most difficulty with the following:

  • Tracking intermittent FMLA leave
  • Concurrently managing FMLA leave-taking
  • Transferring employees to alternative positions
  • Denying leave requests

These common challenges are similar to the common mistakes identified by the Department of Labor. One is the failure to track FMLA time properly, which aligns very closely to the challenge of tracking FMLA intermittent leave. Often times with intermittent leave, an employee may be taking leave so frequently that it is difficult to ensure all intermittent leave absences are captured and documented. Especially if the employer is manually tracking absences.

Here at BASIC, we provide varying levels of FMLA and leave administrative support based on the needs of each employer. For small to mid-sized employers with a moderate frequency of FMLA claims, we provide expert assistance and compliance designed to aid in managing all types of FMLA events. Our FMLA Ease is the perfect solution for employers who want to handle all employee call-offs on the front end, but need the expert administrative support and tracking once an FMLA event is identified.

BASIC’s FMLA Ease service offers fair, consistent, non-biased, and compliant administration of FMLA, including State Leave, while enabling the employer to maintain current attendance and absence management programs. Each FMLA Ease client receives a Dedicated FMLA Case Manager and access to BASIC’s proprietary FMLA portal which is consistently updated with reports available 24/7.

BASIC is an industry leader in FMLA administration. We expertly administer FMLA for groups as small as 50 employees, to as large as 15,000 employees nationwide. We keep our clients compliant and help them to avoid hefty fines and penalties. Click the link here to request an FMLA Ease proposal today!