COVID Vaccine Verification by BASIC

covid vaccine verification

COVID Vaccine Verification

Employers across the country are facing an ongoing battle to establish and maintain a healthy workplace in the era of COVID-19. Whether they’re subject to a government mandate or implementing their own safeguards, BASIC can help make the process easier for your clients with our latest compliance offering, Vaccination Verification.

Vaccination Verification relieves the burden, cost, and liability for your clients who are trying to manage vaccination and testing requirements for everyone—employees, contractors, visitors, volunteers, and others—at their workplace. Our secure mobile and web technology makes it easy for individuals to submit records and for your clients to verify and track those submissions.

BASIC has years of experience in compliance offerings, so we know vaccination compliance needs to go beyond a policy document or an uploading system for vaccination record cards. With Vaccination Verification, your clients receive a comprehensive solution that includes:

  • Verified vaccination/test result documentation and storage of these medical records for individuals in the program, taking the burden of management off their shoulders.
  • An easy-to-use system for them to get real-time access to the status of individuals’ vaccination/testing submissions.
  • An intuitive web and mobile experience for their workplace individuals to snap a picture and submit vaccination/testing information, with multifactor authentication and data encryption to give peace of mind that personal information is safe and secure.
  • Audit support services to help them respond to regulatory inquiries regarding their program or a specific individual’s testing or vaccination status.
  • Guidance on how to build their vaccination and/or testing program with customizable plan documentation to provide impacted individuals, whether they are implementing their own workplace program or needing to comply with state or federal regulations.
  • Plus, BASIC is subject to HIPAA privacy rules, the HITECH ACT, and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, and has implemented administrative, physical and technical safeguards to protect the confidentially, integrity and availability of Electronic Protected Health Information (EPHI).

How Does COVID Vaccine Verification Work?

It’s easy to set up and manage a Vaccination Verification program for you or your clients. Here’s how it works:

  • BASIC walks through plan setup and online tools.
  • BASIC provides the program design guidance and ready-to-use customizable policy documents and communications to individuals.
  • BASIC helps with enrolling impacted individuals in the program.
  • BASIC provides those individuals with instructions on how to get started with the mobile app and how to submit their vaccination or testing information.
  • BASIC verifies those submissions and provides them a real-time status report.
  • BASIC securely stores all submissions of these medical records.

Enforcement of vaccination and testing mandates was not fully extended by the Supreme Court, but certain employers may still have to comply—and some may simply choose to implement their own COVID vaccine verification program as a sound business strategy.

BASIC Can Help!

Vaccination Verification integrates with BASIC’s Consumer Driven Accounts platform to help your clients create a healthy workplace. You can package our new compliance offering with traditional benefit accounts like FSA/HRA/HSA or newer offerings like a Home Office Account or Vaccination Reward Account. Our state of the art benefits platform lets you seamlessly add additional benefits as you need them without adding additional administration burdens on management.

See how BASIC can help your organization with Vaccination Verification today!