BASIC Alert: Changes to CFRA Effective 1/1/21


Effective January 1, 2021, the California Family Rights Act (CFRA) will extend leave rights to employees who care for grandparents, grandchildren, siblings, adult children, and other family members with serious health conditions.

Employers covered by both CFRA and FMLA could be faced with a “stacking” problem. When CFRA and the FMLA overlap, time taken off can be treated as covered by both laws. However, when CFRA extends to a right that does not exist under the FMLA (for example caring for a grandparent), an employee taking that time off will not be covered by FMLA and their FMLA entitlement will remain available. This makes it possible for the employee to use up to 24 weeks of leave during a rolling 12-month period under the two laws.

Don’t worry – BASIC has you covered. Our intuitive administrative system tracks unpaid leave under both the state and federal provisions.  Visit the link below for more information on the updates to CFRA.

If you have any questions on the changes to California Family Rights Act, feel free to call your designated case manager or Customer Service at (888) 472-3652.

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