Introducing BASIC’s New Medical Travel Account to Help Employees

medical travel account

BASIC is proud to introduce our new Medical Travel Account that allows employers to assist their employees and their dependents with medical related travel and lodging expenses. There are many situations where traveling for a medical procedure is necessary, and the Medical Travel Account gives employees peace of mind that they can afford to travel to their procedure. This account is perfect for employers looking to set themselves apart and offer unique benefits to attract and retain the best employees available.

The BASIC Medical Travel Account is 100% employer funded and can be customized specifically to your organization’s needs. Pick the amount of funds available, which procedures are eligible, and which expenses are eligible (excluding costs related to the actual procedure). Examples of eligible expenses include plane, bus, and train fairs, car services including rental and rideshare services, mileage reimbursement for personal vehicles, lodging expenses like hotels and AirBnBs, and meals and groceries purchased while traveling for the procedure.

Our new Medical Travel Account was created to address the quickly changing needs of employees nationwide and continues our commitment to developing benefit solutions that move the needle for employers in the hiring landscape. As part of our Fringe Account offerings on the Consumer Driven Accounts (CDA) platform, this account can be added on its own or seamlessly added to your existing CDA benefits package.

BASIC Fringe Benefits with Consumer Driven Accounts

BASIC’s state-of-the-art benefits platform Consumer Driven Accounts (CDA) makes it easy for any employer to design a high-value benefits package. Pair traditional accounts like FSA with Fringe Accounts like the Medical Travel Account, Student Loan Reimbursement, Wellness Rewards Account, Home Office Account, and much more. We even offer less common fringe benefits like Vaccine Reward, Adoption Assistance, and Fertility Treatment to fit the needs of your specific organization. Many of these accounts can allow you to customize the plan design to fit best with your company’s unique culture, while your employees can enjoy fast reimbursement and easy access to their benefit funds.