BASIC Has Partnered With beneshop™ to Save You Money!

FSA and HSA participants rejoice! BASIC has partnered with beneshop to make shopping for healthcare products easier and more affordable. FSA and HSA participants can use pre-tax dollars to save money on healthcare expenses, but beneshop takes using those funds to the next level.

Beneshop gives participants the ability to purchase FSA and HSA eligible products from a wide variety of retailers and brands all on one website. Beneshop helps participants find the lowest cost option for the eligible products they want to maximize their pre-tax savings. No more searching the web to track down the lowest price – beneshop does that for you!

Easily search for the eligible products you need such as first aid kits, contacts, glasses, over-the-counter medication including allergy, cold & flu, and more! Filter by product category or look up products on the eligible expense list and compare prices between different retailers.

BASIC FSA and HSA Administration is an industry leader in participant experience. The Consumer Driven Accounts (CDA) platform and the BASIC benefits mobile app give participants an easy way to submit expenses and receive lightning fast reimbursement. Whether you’re an employer or a broker referring a client, you can trust BASIC to create a benefits plan tailored to your needs.

BASIC’s partnership with beneshop is just another way we’re striving to make benefits go farther for our participants. If you’re looking to improve your benefits package for your organization or your client(s), request a no-cost proposal for BASIC FSA or HSA Administration today!

BASIC HCFSA and HSA Administration

Employers have the option to choose one or both accounts when designing their benefits package, and BASIC has been a leading administrator of both HCFSAs and HSAs for decades! Our goal is to help design a plan that works best for you, whether we are helping you establish a new plan or taking over administration for an existing plan. Both types of accounts are part of our state-of-the-art benefits platform Consumer Driven Accounts (CDA) that makes reimbursement lightning fast! Help your company and employees save money at the same time, request a no-cost proposal today!