Our Benefits Platform Keeps Getting Better (Now With COBRA!)

integrated benefits platform

A few years ago, BASIC introduced our cutting-edge Consumer Driven Accounts (CDA) benefits platform, an integrated system that lets employers and participants manage all their benefit accounts with one card, one website, and one mobile app.

Since its inception, we’ve been adding new features for employers and participants to better manage and utilize their benefits. In fact, we recently added the biggest advancement to our system yet that truly represents our vision for the fully integrated benefits platform.

This year, we added COBRA, Retiree Billing and Direct Billing administration to the existing CDA system our clients already use to manage their benefit plans like FSAs, HSAs, Fringe Accounts, and more!

It’s time to introduce – or rather, reintroduce – the new CDA universal experience.

It’s a huge step forward in the employee benefits management arena. There are plenty of variables when it comes to employee management, and the new CDA universal experience gives businesses the ability to handle all employee benefit changes throughout their work cycle within a single platform. Our clients gain:

  • More employee satisfaction.
  • More opportunities to make a difference.
  • More time to focus on what matters.

By adding continuation accounts like COBRA to our CDA platform, we bring state-of-the-art technology, faster customer service, and expert administration in one versatile benefits hub.

For more information on the CDA platform or to add COBRA to your service plans, request a proposal for your client or business today!