FMLA Training vs. FMLA Administration Vendor: Which is better?

FMLA training vs FMLA admin vendor

FMLA training vs. an outsourced FMLA administration vendor: which choice is better for an employer?

The decision boils down to handling FMLA training and administration in-house or opting to have a vendor handle some or all of the related tasks. Both options have their own pros and cons depending on the resources, expertise, needs, and risk-appetite of an employer.

Opting to train staff and handle FMLA responsibilities in-house helps educate the Human Resources team on the law, its application, documentation requirements, and employee rights. However, in-house FMLA means the HR team is responsible for all FMLA requests, managing leave, and ensuring compliance. While this may provide a more personal touch on FMLA-related matters, employers may find their HR team lacks expert-level understanding of those responsibilities and regulations and end up in hot water, both legally and financially.

Outsourcing FMLA to a third-party administrator (TPA) lets FMLA experts handle some or all aspects of FMLA, such as dedicated service, software, and refined processes designed for efficient leave management. TPAs can handle paperwork, track leave, ensure compliance, and provide guidance when HR teams have questions. A TPA can greatly reduce the workload for HR teams, especially for larger organizations or those with complex leave management needs. However, outsourcing is more expensive than handling FMLA in-house, which is a consideration to be made.

While it does come at a cost, choosing a TPA to handle FMLA is a smart and safe choice, especially for employers with large staffs or complicated leave management needs. As we’ve mentioned before, mistakes could be very costly and handling FMLA in-house might lead to expensive violations and litigation. BASIC has been helping employers stay FMLA compliant for years with our proven administration. Whether your organization has 50 employees or 15,000, our service options have solutions for any size employer. Just need access to experts and some additional resources to help out? We’ve got you covered. Or are you looking for fully outsourced FMLA with leave management capabilities? We’ve got that too! See how BASIC FMLA Administration can help your organization stay compliant with the FMLA and reduce your workload and risk at the same time!