Why YOU Should be Concerned with Absenteeism

Absenteeism is one of the most common problems employers battle with in the workplace and without a doubt you face it too. Employee absenteeism can result from reasons like personal illness, personal needs, family issues, and stress or habitual absenteeism can result from reasons like poor morale or entitlement mentality. Regardless of the reason for the unplanned absence, the loss of productivity is a hidden cost that is losing your company more money than you realize.

For example, a worker is scheduled to work 40 hours a week 52 weeks a year (2,080 hours a year) and earns $22/hr. If that worker is absent 10% of the time they are scheduled to work, the employee is absent 208 hours a year. That worker has PTO about 50% of the absent time. If another worker is covering the shifts on $33/hr working overtime, the extra cost of overtime pay is $2,288. Combined with the PTO pay the absent worker is receiving, the total cost of absenteeism is $4,576. If the company has 100 employees with an average 10% of absenteeism, the payroll cost could total to $457,600 in overtime and PTO payments. By reducing absenteeism to 5%, your company could potentially save $228,800.

How can you reduce absenteeism? Shift the administrative burden to BASIC!

BASIC’s Absence Management Service:

  • Creates a uniform and sustainable absentee program across all departments and locations 
  • Employees can call or access BASIC’s online call-off system 24/7 to report an absence
  • Managers and Supervisors have immediate access online to see all reported absences. Giving them the Ability to manage replacement workers just seconds after the employee’s call off is completed

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