Why NAHU is Fighting to Save the Employer Exclusion

Under construction in the US Congress, spearheaded by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI), is a proposal that stands to limit or even eliminate employer tax exclusion on employer-sponsored health insurance. The employer exclusion allows an employer’s contributions to an employee’s health insurance to be excluded from that employee’s compensation for income and payroll tax purposes. This long-awaited Republican response to the Affordable Care Act is not likely to reach legislation this year but will more than likely be pushed toward a Republican presidential ticket.

The current health care delivery model calls for tax-free employer contributions for the employees and coverage from a group insurance marketplace. If this proposal makes it to fruition it will force a majority of US citizens into the individual marketplace where, even though they would receive tax deductions, they would fall prey to lower coverage and higher rates. Next, legislation of this nature would put a strain on healthcare providers. If 170 million Americans flood to the individual market because they cannot be covered by their previous plan, agents and brokers would struggle to keep afloat. We witnessed them barely treading water after the 13 million that the ACA brought in the NAHU is leading the prevention efforts. We urge everyone to have their voices heard.

To join the fight with NAHU write your local representatives at:http://cqrcengage.com/nahu/app/write-a-letter?0&engagementId=209413

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