The Struggle with Intermittent FMLA

FMLA intermittent leave can be quite the challenge for HR professionals and business owners. It is not only difficult to track, but it can also cause administrative headaches when trying to combat abuse. Employers are walking a fine line because they may suspect an employee is abusing FMLA intermittent leave but they can also get in trouble if they inadvertently retaliate against employees or interfere with their FMLA rights. To compound the problem further, HR professionals may struggle to administer FMLA without being biased. With lawsuits on the rise and penalties being assessed to employers for incorrectly administering FMLA intermittent leave, it is important to make sure you have a strategy to stay compliant.

At BASIC, we take on the tasks of administering FMLA intermittent leave and tracking it. We assign the employer with a dedicated industry certified FMLA case manager and we will review the employer’s policies, documentation, and practices, and then recommend revisions for compliance. Our web-based absence reporting system creates a uniform procedure for employees to report their FMLA absences and it also provides a centralized location for recordkeeping purposes. In order to help combat the abuse of FMLA leave, we monitor intermittent leave based on frequency and duration and pattern absences. When pattern absence is established or when the employee uses FMLA significantly more than indicated on the medical certification, we utilize recertification and recertification is always requested with the first absence past six months.

As an industry leader in FMLA administration and leave management, BASIC has been administering FMLA leave since 2002 for clients ranging in size from 50 employees, all the way up to 13,000 employees. We offer a variety of solutions depending on the employer’s needs.

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