Service Spotlight: The Advantages of a Stacked Card

HSAs (Health Savings Accounts) are quickly increasing in popularity throughout the country. Employers and employees alike love them for their tax benefits, the ability to use them for retirement savings, and their power to move with the account holder regardless of employment.

BASIC pacifics’ Stacked Card administration makes HSAs even more enticing. They can be coupled with a limited-purpose FSA, dependent care FSA, post-deductible HRA, and qualified transit plans on a single platform and used in a simple and intuitive manner with a single debit card.

Karen Row, the CDH Department Manager at BASIC pacific, explains Stacked Card administration like this: “You have one card you pull out any time you need to access your BASIC pacific benefits. Each benefit has its own bucket of money associated with it and the card, based on the merchant category code, reads how much is available in each category. For instance, parking will only work at parking vendors, mass transit will work only at mass transit vendors. Same with medical – medical will work at medical, dental, vision, pharmacy, as well as retail supplies that are also in the IIAS system and have medical expenses coded accordingly.”

BASIC pacific’s Stacked Card is smart enough to know what funds to use when it’s time to use them. Based on a set merchant code the card reads at the point of service, it will be able to tell what account to draw money from automatically.

Another great tool at your disposal with HSA Stacked Card is our mobile app. Karen explains: “If someone is in multiple benefits and they want to know what’s available under a certain category while they’re at a point of service they can just go into the mobile app and check their balance.”

BASIC pacific makes benefit management easier than ever before. Our Stacked Card administration and dedicated account managers make sure every employer is getting exactly what they need. Our exemplary staff made up of people like Karen are always available to help when needed. For the best in benefits, always remember to keep it BASIC.

If you’d like to learn more about BASIC’s HSA administration, request a proposal here.