BASIC Implements ZixMail For Email Encryption

Published February 2010

Like you, BASIC is very concerned with data security. In order to best protect Personal Health Information (PHI) and other personal information, BASIC is installing an email encryption solution (ZixCorp) over the next couple weeks. We will provide more information as we near the final stages of implementation, specifically how to view a secure email that you receive from BASIC.


  • Provides policy-based email encryption for regulatory compliance.
  • Is the leading encryption service in the industry today.
  • Eliminates the need for clients to build their own directory of encryption keys to communicate securely with their partners and customers.
  • Is the largest hosted email encryption service provider.

Below are other measures that BASIC has in place today, or will have completed soon to protect plan and participant data:

  • Our new BAA is being sent to reflect new HIPAA provisions and HITECH to be reviewed and returned. Also, we have recently conducted HIPAA training for our staff.
  • For FSA and HRA participants, we are working on a secure online claim submission utility that will allow participants to complete an electronic claim form, attach scanned documentation and submit for processing. This will eliminate the need to email claims to BASIC in an unsecured manner.
  • An online utility for you to securely submit a file to BASIC.

Lastly, please take a moment to review more information about our security measures on our security webpage at