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Investigating the Advantages of Outsourcing Payroll

As fulfilled and engaged as your employees may be with their jobs, if they have any issues with their paychecks, it won’t take long for them to become frustrated. Some companies have dedicated payroll departments and others find it useful to outsource this process to one of many companies that specialize in payroll. How do you […]

Avoid Common HR Mistakes

Human resources may sound and look like a straightforward topic, but it’s not one that should be taken lightly. HR mistakes can cost you time and money, and your reputation. Here are four common mistakes to be aware of. Companies of all sizes, from global corporations to mom-and-pop outfits, are prone to these potentially critical […]

Beyond BASIC – charity: water

During the third quarter many companies regard this time as a slower season, but for BASIC, we ramp up. BASIC has always sponsored various volunteering events, charities, and donations; and this year we chose a nationwide fundraising campaign. The campaign we chose was  charity: water, a nonprofit organization that brings clean and safe drinking water […]

Rob Hayes Recognized by WEX Health for Outstanding Achievements

PORTAGE, Mich., Sept. 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Rob Hayes, president and CEO of BASIC (Benefit Administrative Services International Corporation), has been honored by WEX Health with a 2017 Partner Excellence Award for outstanding business achievements. Hayes received the Excellence Award for Leadership at Partner Conference 2018, the annual WEX Health Partner conference held recently in Scottsdale, Arizona. Hayes was selected for the award because […]

The Ins and Outs of Virtual Offices

Working from home adds flexibility to your work-life balance. Your employees won’t need to take a day off from work for a dentist’s appointment or a meeting with a child’s teacher — they can work around their personal tasks. Studies by Global Workplace Analytics, a research consultancy, show that 79 percent of people actually want […]

Hiring Right the First Time

You’re in the market for a new superstar for your business but how can you judge them fairly in the interviewing process? You’ve already narrowed down their skills based on their resume and have probably spoken with them on the phone at least once. Now it’s time for the formal interview. Your ability to determine […]

Time and Attendance Should be the First Step in Growing Your Business

Time and Attendance Should be the First Step in Growing Your Business   Switching from a manual to an automated time and attendance system sounds like a daunting process, but BASIC makes it extremely easy! Statistics show that employers are losing valuable hours of the workday, making costly mistakes, and inefficiently managing their labor workforce. […]

Service Spotlight: The Advantages of a Stacked Card

HSAs (Health Savings Accounts) are quickly increasing in popularity throughout the country. Employers and employees alike love them for their tax benefits, the ability to use them for retirement savings, and their power to move with the account holder regardless of employment. BASIC pacifics’ Stacked Card administration makes HSAs even more enticing. They can be coupled […]

How to Establish Phone and Email Etiquette in the Office

No one likes an office with pages and pages of behavioral rules to follow. Still, employees and managers alike will be a lot happier if they’re aware of some commonsense guidelines for dealing with the ubiquitous messages on our computers, tablets and smartphones. Think of these points as manners for the modern world.   Texting […]