HSA (Health Savings Account)

You can find an HSA almost anywhere, but if you are looking for Employer Health Savings Account (HSA) Administration with ongoing service and knowledge, then you want BASIC HSA.

BASIC HSA Advantages

Our consultants work with you and your insurance agent right from the beginning

We have plenty of experience with high deductible health plans and designing HSA plans that meet employer needs. Our consultants bring creative ideas to the table. We bring real life examples of how other companies have made a successful transition to a BASIC HSA.

BASIC offers an almost unlimited number of plan designs
BASIC provides several matching options (dollar for dollar, percentage or a mixture). New regulations on employer contributions make the options even greater. A BASIC Flex Limited Purpose plan may be a perfect companion to your BASIC HSA.

Toll-free technical support included with a BASIC HSA plan
Our knowledgeable customer service representatives can answer your account questions as well as specific questions concerning HSAs. This service is the area that our customers most often comment that they couldn’t do without. If an employee has a question regarding eligible expenses or account funding, we are here to help.

Employees have several ways to pay for expenses
Each employee is given a free debit card (as well as check writing abilities) which makes paying for qualifying expenses a snap. If they paid out of pocket for any expenses they can reimburse themselves by simply visiting a branch or ATM and making a withdrawal from their account.

Our HSA administration fees are very competitive
Even with all that we offer we keep our administration fees extremely affordable.

Learn more in BASIC HSA brochure (pdf) or contact a representative today!

 HSA (Health Savings Account)