We’ve Got the BASICS of FMLA Covered

Even the best HR staff can miss a small detail. Fortunately, BASIC’s integrated HR solutions can bring everything full-circle, offering you the expertise needed to rest easy. Let’s review FMLA basics; to be FMLA eligible an employee must have been with your company for 12 months and worked a total of 1,250 hours during the 12 months prior to the start of FMLA leave. It seems straightforward, but consider the following hypothetical situation.

Jane, one of your newer employees, notifies you she will be undergoing surgery and requires two months of leave for recovery. You know for certain Jane hasn’t been with your company for 12 months and to avoid a drain on resources you consider letting her go. Before reaching a decision; however, it’s crucial to fully understand even the smallest of details. That’s where BASIC has you covered.

Suppose Jane’s surgery is scheduled to take place after her one-year anniversary with your organization and she simply wanted to give you advanced notice. In this case, Jane is FMLA eligible (given she meets the other requirements) and was giving you the advance notice you expect, but she may have struggled to decide if she should tell you before she was eligible, viewing it almost as a “trap” for termination. Lastly, you could be liable for interfering with Jane’s right to FMLA had you terminated her.

As a successful employer, you want only the best for your most valuable assets – your employees. BASIC’s FMLA solutions, ranging from simple outsourcing to HR Consulting, can come full-circle for you and your employees.

The benefits are clear:

  • Fair and consistent application of FMLA, meeting Federal and State Legislative requirements for all employees at all locations
  • Intermittent and continuous FMLA absence administration
  • Multiple tracking period options
  • Access to BASIC’s FMLA Dashboard

Request a proposal today. HR Solutions should be simple. Keep it BASIC.