Use Zix To Encrypt Private Information In Email (Zix Discount Inside)

Published April 2010

Privacy and security are becoming more important as business is increasingly being conducted online. In an effort to keep costs down for clients, BASIC recently requested a discount to be offered for our clients to increase their ability to use encrypted email communication. Currently, clients can open our emails sent with Zix by using a password they create.

Users of the ZixVPM (Virtual Private Messenger) solution can send and receive encrypted email seamlessly (without a password) using Microsoft Outlook or another email client program. If an email has sensitive information that needs to be encrypted, ZixVPM will automatically encrypt this email without the user having to do anything. If you want to purchase ZixVPM, a SaaS (Software as a Service) VPM solution, it would cost $9.00 (regularly $10.00) per user per month with a 1 year commitment. Your organization would point your Exchange mail server at Discovery’s data center using a TLS connection and the VPM appliance would then filter all mail for private information and encrypt accordingly (rules can be modified).

ZixMail is a stand-alone email plugin and will cost $75.00 per license as part of a three year agreement. This solution allows you to press the send secure button to encrypt any email.

If you are interested in using ZixVPM or ZixMail to encrypt email communications, please contact Mark Duchene by sending an email to In your email include your full company name and address as well as mentioning that you do business with BASIC.

To learn more about ZixMail, please check out a previous article about BASIC instituting ZixMail for continuity. The article is available here.

A brochure about ZixCorp hosted email security is available here.

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