The Why and How to Choosing a Payroll Service

Published December 2009

Payroll processing is not unique, but some companies handle it better than others. Switching or starting fresh with a payroll provider can bring many benefits, including more time to devote to business operations and employees as well as less stress and worry about inaccurate payroll and taxes. To help you choose the best service, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • How easy is it for my company to start using or switch to a payroll provider?

The ease of setup can be an important factor in choosing which payroll provider to use. Their payroll software should be easy to learn to use in addition to having customer service representatives available to help you through the process.

  • How complex is my payroll?

If you have multiple employees working different amounts of hours, on different shifts or without set schedules, a payroll provider can handle this much easier than you can. Also, if you have employees who live in different states, a payroll provider stays current on state tax legislation.

  • What additional support services do I need?

Quite often, payroll providers can assist you with benefits management and human resource related activities. Some providers offer workers compensation (ex. – pay as you go) and time clocks for timekeeping. In addition to these BASIC offers HRIS (Human Resources Information System), a complete and secure web-based HR management system.

  • What is the best way for me to transmit data?

There are many ways to transmit payroll data: online, email, over the phone or fax. Make sure to find out what the payroll provider does to ensure the security of the transmission of your data. Remember to keep detailed records if you provide payroll data information via phone or fax for tax purposes; however, many systems are virtually paperless, yet have a complete historical audit trail for backup purposes.

  • Which format do I want my payroll reports to be presented?

Make sure you know and understand what type of report is being used to process your payroll. Some payroll providers have a standard report while others can tailor their reports to your specifications. This helps you to get the most information possible out of your payroll reports.

Also remember, when considering a payroll provider, just like when hiring a new employee, check their references. The payroll provider is working for you; they need to be accurate and responsive to your payroll processing, along with questions and concerns.


Over 9,000 employers nationally trust BASIC with a wide range of HR responsibilities as a way to manage risk, control cost, and improve staff focus and efficiency.

Our easy to use system provides the flexibility and dependability in a payroll provider that you want with the security and personal payroll guidance you really need.

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