The Benefits of Outsourcing Health Care Administration

When it comes to health care administration, employers require expert administrative analysis to navigate the ever-changing health care environment. There are numerous health plan types and associated abbreviations that create complex burdens on employers, especially as new compliance regulations and health plan changes are introduced every year. The benefits of outsourcing health care benefits such as FSAs, HRAs and COBRA save employers valuable time and money while also reducing overhead and risk.

Protecting Time

Employers save precious time by outsourcing complicated back-office functions to a third party administrator. The time spent trying to navigate the health care environment is better spent focusing on core business functions. Why waste time worrying over the quality and efficiency of your health care benefits when this burden can easily be handled by a third party administrator? Save your time and peace of mind by outsourcing to BASIC.

Save that Money

Consider the operational costs of in-house health care. Eliminating inefficient staffing that struggles with complex health care benefits and investing in a third party administrator can both save money and improve quality of care. Better administration can lead to better financial and health care decisions for both the employer and the employee.

Reducing Risk and Improving Efficiency

Third party health administrators like BASIC are experts in their fields of service. With a better understanding of the health care environment, better management and better technology, third party health care administration can easily reduce the risks of costly errors and provide a higher level of efficiency. Health care lawsuits are becoming more and more prevalent and can sometimes cost an employer thousands of dollars. Why take the associated risks when trying to navigate the health care benefits field?

The benefits of third party health care administration far outweigh the risks.

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