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According to IRS statistics, approximately 33% of all employers make payroll errors. Roughly 40% of small businesses incur an average of $845 per year in IRS penalties. With more tax law changes expected, there is even greater risk for payroll errors. Other costs incurred by erroneous payroll preparation include reduced employee morale and employee retention. Issuing inaccurate or late paychecks can even lead to a potential lawsuit.

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“Our experience with BASIC to date has been exceptional. Their staff has provided us with great customer service and is always there to answer any questions we may have. Their payroll software provides us with all of the essentials in regards to reporting, direct deposits and any payroll deductions or calculations we need. Our previous payroll service gave us the feeling that, after the initial setup, we were just another number in the system. BASIC adds a personal touch to all their services, allowing problems to get resolved quickly and accurately.”

Janice Kroeg
Lounsbury Excavating

“We have been with BASIC since 2009.  They handle everything for us from Payroll and Unemployment to Year-end Taxes and COBRA administration. The staff is extremely professional and efficient. We are delighted with the service we receive and would highly recommend them to others.”

Lisa Vitale
Troy Tube

“Crown Ventures has used multiple TPA’s in the past, but no one’s customer service can compare to that of BASIC. We are extremely satisfied with their professional services and support staff. They take the time to teach you the program and make sure you fully understand the process. We strongly recommend BASIC to any company looking to outsource their payroll.”

Brad Mailloux
Crown Ventures

BASIC Payroll Plus software makes the most of technological advances helping you automate more of your day-to-day processes. The setup is simple and the intuitive software is designed to be easy to use but also to ensure efficient and accurate payroll. With a few different payroll plans, you can choose the option that meets your needs without requiring you to change the way you work.

With BASIC Payroll Plus you can receive all the benefits of outsourcing but still maintain control of your data. Take advantage of the over 150 different reports built into the system or use the report writer to design your own customized reports. We want your company to grow as much as you do, that is why our payroll system is designed to scale with the growth of your company. Our virtually paperless system offers unlimited options including: unlimited earnings, deductions, shifts, direct deposits, pay rates, localities, and more.

  • Evolution HR – includes tracking and reporting on vital information
  • Employee Self-Service – employees can access personal data, pay information, W2s and time-off accrual information
  • WebClient – build or expand your web presence with a state-of-the-art internet payroll application

BASIC Payroll Plus utilizes bank-level encryptions making it the most secure system available; much more secure than industry standard payroll service security. Our payroll system sends only updated information each time, not the entire company database, significantly lowering the chances of the wrong person getting the information they want. The system is completely auditable giving you access to historical audit trails by user.

Personal Payroll Guidance
We know processing payroll is not unique and that a problem with a paycheck can easily ruin someone’s day. That is why BASIC’s service is unmatched. Our customers depend on individualized attention and quick responses to special requests, and we deliver. Along with our payroll service, we offer direct contact with our customer service representatives who are readily available to answer any questions that may arise.

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