Offer FSA Solutions to Your Employees, Worry-Free

The benefits of a FSA account are clear; your employees enjoy federal tax deductions  on contributions, withdrawals for qualified exspenses are tax free, and you can easily pair FSA accounts with HRA accounts – customizable to your needs. As industry experts, BASIC offers a cloud computing solution designed to provide you with the functionality, reliability, and integration that only BASIC can deliver. For your convenience, we offer a FSA Mobile App for iPhone and Android users. Using the search function on either operating system search “Benefits by BASIC” and enjoy the simplicity of our technological solutions.

You know that your employees are your greatest asset and BASIC wants to ease the burden on your HR staff. We offer educational tools, available 24/7 to increase understanding, adoption, and usage of healthcare accounts. Your employees benefit from individualized presentations that are easy-to-follow, contain graphics that enhance learning, and ultimately lead to increase wellness. Your employees deserve a healtheir lifestly, and you deserve to offer it worry-free. HR solutions should be simple. Keep it BASIC.

With an average claims processing time of only 1 day and 99.92% accuracy rate, BASIC’s fully certified Customer Service Representatives offer you peace of mind. FSA Administration helps you:

  • Fight the rising costs of health insurance by offering FSA’s along with high deductible insurance plans
  • Deliver value-add infor to your employees with automated monthly reports
  • Free up HR time with easy to use plans 24/7/365