BASIC’s New Universal Experience Lets You Manage Benefits and COBRA on ONE Platform!

BASIC is introducing a truly unique upgrade to our benefits platform – a single sign-on experience!

You can now manage any and all benefit accounts like FSA, HRA, HSA and over 30 more, plus COBRA, Retiree Billing, and State Continuation on a single integrated platform. Say goodbye to multiple logins for different administrative systems and enjoy the most convenient way to experience all your continuation plans and benefit accounts ever!

The new experience combines benefit accounts and COBRA administration into one platform. Access all of your Consumer Driven Accounts and continuation plans with a single sign-on experience – an industry first! Spend less time navigating multiple complex administrative systems and more time focusing on what matters – managing your workforce.

This means more convenience for not only employers but for your employees too! For example, participants will have access to the BASIC benefits mobile app where they can easily submit paid receipt verification for quick reimbursement with their benefit accounts. Plus, they can pay their COBRA premiums right from the app!

BASIC is committed to providing the best benefits experience possibleThat’s why we designed the most configurable, flexible, and responsive benefits management platform available.