Mike Stoddard Interview by Community In Schools

Community In Schools (CIS) Kalamazoo recently interviewed Mike Stoddard, one of BASIC’s founders. 

Click this link to read the full interview: http://ciskalamazoo.org/mike-stoddard-people-focused/

The interview covers everything from Mike’s role in CIS, his desire to be an American company, to advice for students looking to obtain a job.

 “Mike has served on the board of Communities In Schools of Kalamazoo for 13 years, holding the position of Treasurer for many of those.”

“We are and always want to be an American company. For us to continue to be an American company we need to be productive. Some of our competitors outsource stuff—that’s a trend right now. We could look to India, hire a person for 400 dollars a week. We wouldn’t pay payroll taxes, health insurance, dental, vision, 401-k match, no time off, none of that. But our people are more productive even though we pay them more. Our people work hard. We are an American company and we’re proud of that fact.”

“You can set yourself apart and really advance if you can communicate. Strong written and verbal communications skills.”

Thank you Mike for your commitment to community and the youth of America.