Making a Mid-year Payroll Switch Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

Traditionally, business owners switch payroll providers at the beginning of the calendar year – it’s a great time to get a fresh start. There’s a widely-held belief that making the switch at any other time will be far too difficult, especially for small business owners. But what if you’re not satisfied with your current provider and it’s only the middle of Q2? Luckily, the end of Q2/the beginning of Q3 is a great time to begin service with a new provider. By that time of the year you probably have a good idea of how your current payroll company operates, and there’s still enough time left in the year to make transitioning worthwhile. If you wait much longer, you’ll end up stuck with the provider you’re not satisfied with.

When making a mid-year switch, the data entry portion of the transition can be one of the most challenging and time-consuming. Some payroll companies require the business owner to collect and enter the data on their own, but we’re interested in relieving stress, not adding to it. We handle all data entry involved in the switch, including all current-year historical data.

Once the transition period comes to an end, our unbeatable payroll service begins! We work with clients of all sizes in all industries and all states; there’s not a curveball you can throw that we can’t hit. We believe the services you pay for should be tailored to you. We assign a specific account representative that will handle your business, so you’ll have the comfort of being able to talk with the same person every time you need help. We also have a dedicated compliance and tax team that keeps all clients up to date on ever-changing rules and regulations. Our robust payroll reporting feature gives you the ability to write customized reports, in addition to more than 150 standard reports. If you’ve ever been charged unnecessary penalties and fees by a payroll provider you won’t need to worry about that with us. In the rare event we make a mistake, we assume the payroll and tax liability.

With BASIC, switching payroll companies mid-year is a breeze, and when you make the switch with us you can rest assured your business is in the care of experts. Because we’re so confident you’ll love our services, we’ll waive your set-up fee when you run your first payroll by July 31st, 2018*. Don’t stress about a mid-year switch, we know it can be done. Just remember to keep it BASIC.

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*valid to new BASIC Payroll Clients Only. Not valid for HCM or Timekeeping setups.