Maintain Compliance and Save Time with BASIC COBRA

Let our COBRA experts help you avoid costly compliance pitfalls. Can you afford to leave your business vulnerable to penalties up to $100 per day per qualified beneficiary?

Why should your company choose BASIC COBRA?

With a proven administration model and industry certified experts to ensure your company’s ongoing compliance, we handle all the regulation timelines from set up to premium collection.

Legislative changes have made COBRA harder, not easier, to administer. Language must be current and you’re expected to stay on top of changing regulations and maintain accurate records. Do you want to spend valuable time administering COBRA or leading your workforce?

How do we make it simple?

Compliance is complicated and time-consuming, but we ensure consistent application each and every time. As HR professionals take on more roles, transferring the burden of COBRA to BASIC allows your HR department to focus on things like healthcare reform and retaining and recruiting your company’s top talents. With easy access to our COBRA portal the process is simpler for your HR department.

Can you defend your COBRA Administration to an IRS agent or a judge?

  • Do you send each employee and dependent spouse an initial COBRA notification to his or her home when first enrolled in your group health plan?
  • Do you send a qualifying event notification to the home address of each qualified beneficiary whenever a COBRA qualifying event occurs?
  • Do you know which events trigger the right to COBRA continuation?
  • Do you stay on top of changes in the law as they occur and adjust language accordingly

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