Leave Your FMLA Worries Behind With One Of BASIC’s Three FMLA Solutions

Published November 2010

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) guarantees time off to eligible employees for certain qualifying events. Although this may sound easy, in reality FMLA is full of legal landmines, which could cause you to be blindsided with hefty penalties when handled incorrectly. By shifting your FMLA State and Federal leave management & administration responsibilities to BASIC, our FMLA experts will help eliminate risk  and unnecessary penalties. By selecting one of the three  BASIC’s FMLA solutions, you can leave your FMLA worries behind.

Benefits and features to all three of BASIC’s FMLA Solutions:


  • Fair and consistent application of FMLA, meeting Federal and State Legislative requirements for all employees at all locations.

  • Intermitted and continuous FMLA absence administration.

  • Tracking of each employee’s 12-month period with multiple tracking methods.
  • Access to BASIC’s FMLA Dashboard.


Advanced Technology
Our custom built, one of a kind, FMLA Dashboard is raved upon by our FMLA clients. The dashboard allows employers easy access to timely information about the status and history of their FMLA activity. Some of the application features include:

     BASIC FMLA Ease
    For employers that have a low frequency of FMLA claims and fewer employees, we recommend our FMLA Ease solution. With this solution, the employer manages employee attendance and absences and only notifies BASIC when they come across a potential FMLA claim. Once we are notified, BASIC manages the certification process,  keeping the employer updated with details of the claim and documentation to ensure compliance. For more information on FMLA Ease click here.

    BASIC FMLA Ease Plus
    Offers all the same benefits of FMLA Ease with the addition of an Integrated Voice Response (IVR) system, giving employees access to an automated 24 hour/7 day toll-free call-in number to track all FMLA absences. The IVR can be programmed for single or multiple locations tracking  continuous and intermittent leave events.

    BASIC FMLA Freedom with Absentee Management
    BASIC Freedom offers all of the same benefits of FMLA Ease Plus but takes it to the next level by tracking all unscheduled absences through our easy to use Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. From the initial employee call-off, the employer will know if the absence is a call off from work (unscheduled absence), a first report of a work related injury or a potentially qualifying FMLA or State Leave event. BASIC handles everything. We even take care of consulting with employees and their health care providers directly. Besides offering employers the best possible FMLA and absence management solution BASIC FMLA Freedom allows supervisors greater focus on operations and company strategic objectives. For more information on FMLA Freedom click here

    At BASIC, we are dedicated to providing our clients with effortless HR administration and integrated solutions. By allowing us to administer your FMLA, along with other HR responsibilities, we can serve as your HR solutions partner, reducing the risk of noncompliance with State and Federal Regulations and the associated fines and penalties.

    For more information on BASIC’s FMLA solutions please contact one of our FMLA Sales Representatives (888) 602-2742 or request a proposal at this link.

  • Robust search options to review aggregate data.

  • Anytime access to a range of useful reports and decision-making information.
  • The ability to download this information in a variety of useful formats.
  • Provide timely up to the minute information to managers and supervisors.
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