Introducing the New Gas Plus Benefit Account from BASIC

gas plus account

BASIC is excited to announce a new benefit account that allows employers to help cover the gas and transit expenses incurred by their employees who are commuting to and from a worksite.

Configurable Plan Design

Our new Gas Plus Account is available as part of the BASIC Consumer Driven Accounts (CDA) that makes it easy for employers to configure a plan design that works for their specific workforce needs. It’s 100% employer funded and can be used to reimburse gas and/or public transportation expenses. The employer (client) determines the frequency and amount of plan contributions, plan dates, carryover allowance, and employee eligibility rules.

Competitive Features

  • Membership Pricing for Multiple Benefits:
    • Current CDA clients can easily add the Gas Plus Account to their offering, often without a change in fees (depending on membership level).
    • Clients new to CDA can easily add other benefit accounts at any time, as needed under the membership pricing.
  • Benefits Card: The BASIC Card is included and works for all enrolled CDA benefit accounts for convenient access to available funds at the point of purchase.
  • Mobile App & Web: Participants can easily upload receipts and request a reimbursement via our secure mobile app or web portal for expenses paid out of pocket.
  • MyCash Account: Reimbursement payments are directly deposited to the MyCash Account on the BASIC Card and can be used for any type of purchase or can cover gas purchases that exceed available Gas Plus Account funds.

Attractive Benefits

When gas prices soar, a gas reimbursement benefit can reduce the financial burden for commuting employees. It’s also a unique offering that employers can use to attract and retain a happy workforce in a competitive job market.

The Gas Plus Account is yet another example of how CDA can quickly respond to changing needs in the workplace and help employers meet those needs with benefits that employees actually want. Choose from dozens of benefit accounts, from traditional FSAs and HRAs to modern benefits like Pet Wellness and Home Office, all seamlessly integrated on the CDA platform.

If you want to energize your workforce and offer a valuable new benefit, request a no-cost proposal from BASIC today!