Introducing BASIC Compliance: Meet your Compliance Team

Compliance – it’s not a new concept, but with the evolving complexities of health care reform and human resources as a whole, remaining compliant has never been more important for your business.

Safeguarding our clients from costly fees/penalties and time-consuming litigation has been our top priority for the past twenty-four years. Now as October 1, 2013 quickly approaches, BASIC’s Compliance Team is more than prepared to bring you the expertise needed for ACA, ERISA and HR Compliance. To put it simply, we save your HR Professionals from the overwhelming burden of new laws and regulatory compliance. From initial compliance to overcoming regulatory changes through 2018 and beyond – BASIC truly goes to work for your business.

Like the customized, proactive experience you’ve already received with BASIC’s HR, FMLA and Payroll services, BASIC Compliance is designed to meet the unique needs of your organization. The Full-Serve and Self-Serve options are both comprehensive and complete, ensuring you avoid the hundreds of thousands of dollars associated with non-compliance.

This rapid and comprehensive health care reform transformation is engaging all people. Everyone, including your employees, are uncertain but hopeful about the increased accessibility to health care. In terms of job satisfaction, commitment and retention, compliance is critical to retaining your best assets – your people. That’s why BASIC views these changes as an opportunity, not the costly mess others anticipate. Part of helping you achieve compliance is allowing you to realize this opportunity and grow as a successful organization.

BASIC isn’t afraid to lead the way in compliance. We’re here to help you stay on top of it, even better, get ahead of it.

Get started today.  October 1 is less than a month away!