FSA Tools: Mobile Apps and Videos

November 2011

FSA Mobile Apps:
Coming Soon for some of our FSA Clients

Nearly 80 percent of Americans own a mobile phone, and more than 26 percent of those phones are smartphones, which represent the next stage in consumer self-service.

For your convenience, BASIC is rolling out mobile apps for Android and Apple smartphones that will allow consumers to view:

  • Available balance
  • Final service date
  • Final filing date
  • Account activity
  • Claims Requiring Receipt

Accounts Screen: Action Required List

There is an “Action Required” list on the main Accounts screen that displays the number of claims requiring receipts. This list does not display if there are no receipts required. This function is the same as the Action Required alert on the Consumer Portal Home page.

Claims Requiring Receipts Screen

A “Claims Requiring Receipts” screen was added that displays all claims requiring receipts. This function is the same as on the Consumer Portal Home page, where it displays the claim Receipt Status (Required or Overdue) or one or more repayments in a Pending status.

Flexible Spending Accounts:
Promote FSA Enrollment with these Videos

With the state of health care today, and the ever-increasing costs to both employers and employees, BASIC has a win-win solution for you. BASIC Flex is one benefit that you can offer your employees that pays you back. Not only will your employees appreciate the 25%-40% tax shelter for their medical and dependent care dollars, but you as the employer save up to 7.65% on matching payroll taxes. The greater the participation the more you save. The best way to achieve the greatest participation is by employee education and communication.

Below are links to several videos that can educate your employees on the benefits of a Flexible Spending Account.

FSA Participation-Tax Savings Benefits

FSA Participation-Family

FSA Participation-Braces

FSA Participation- 20 Somethings