FMLA Enforcement Initiative: Are you ready?

The Department of Labor is extremely busy in launching on-site FMLA compliance investigations this year. As reports of more 2014 DOL audits surface, employers grow more afraid of failing an investigation for non-compliant FMLA policy and procedures, as well as providing insufficient paperwork including notices, certifications and records.

A recent headline in the news pointed out how easily an employer can fail a DOL Investigation. An employee of a Texas-based electrical corporation just won nearly $47,000 in back wages and damages after their complaint triggered the DOL to conduct an on-site investigation where the court, in fact, found the company in violation of FMLA.

Employers are not the only ones frightened by increased enforcement from the DOL. Benefit advisers are becoming more attuned to the importance of discussing FMLA compliance with their clients as well. One thing everyone can agree on is that it’s not a question of if a DOL investigation will happen to you, it’s a question of when. Are you ready?

BASIC is proud to offer FMLA Fundamentals™. This easy to use and cost effective manual will help guide HR professionals and employers to better understand their requirements of the Family Medical Leave Act. FMLA Fundamentals will educate employers and HR personnel on all FMLA policies and procedures to prevent or sufficiently respond to a DOL investigation. Along with our FMLA Fundamentals manual, BASIC also provides toll free Q&A support as well as our webinars and 25 years of administrative expertise.

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