Failure to Recognize FMLA: The First of Five Common FMLA Mistakes

A recent case in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois saw a former employee sue Micron Industries Corporation and ManPowerGroup US Inc. for violations of the FMLA. The plaintiff claims his employer failed to inform him of his rights to a leave of absence provided under the FMLA, and that this led to his wrongful termination.

Under the FMLA, a high degree of communication is required between employee and employer about employee rights and proper procedures. An employer failing to recognize the FMLA and to communicate with their employees is one of five very common mistakes employers make when handling FMLA cases. BASIC’s helpful infographic about the five common mistakes lays them all out neatly.

BASIC has solutions for all of these mistakes. To combat instances of failure by an employer to recognize FMLA, we provide certified case managers that take the time to thoroughly understand your unique business environment. We also offer supervisor training to help you implement effective FMLA application. Additionally, our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system gives employees access to an automated 24/7 toll-free number to track their FMLA absences.

At BASIC we know how difficult FMLA administration can be. We also know that with our help, it can be much easier for you than it has ever been. We give you the ability to stop worrying about mistakes like these and focus on running your business.

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