Encourage Participation in Direct Deposit Payroll

Published June 2009

There are obviously many benefits of using direct deposit to pay your employees. But there may still be resistance from some employees who don’t trust banks, or prefer to have paper checks placed in their hands on payday. Here are some ways you might be able to increase participation, and therefore, maximize the benefits:

Let them know it saves time and hassles. Employees who use direct deposit are never forced to spend their lunch hours standing in bank lines to make sure their paychecks get into their accounts.

Tell them they’ll get paid and can access the funds even if they are on vacation or out sick.

They can expect increased security. The chances of having paychecks lost or stolen are virtually eliminated.

Dealing With Objections

Some employees may ask: “How will I know for sure that I’ve been paid?” Some employers still issue paper pay stubs to employees. With BASIC Payroll Plus Online Payroll employees may also view and print 13 months of check history. Employees who do not have Internet access may object to the electronic pay stub. That’s why some companies install kiosks in the workplace where individuals can log in securely and view their pay acknowledgments. Of course, employees can also call their banks and receive verification over the phone.

Depending on the service, recipients may be able to view not just the current pay stub, but an online pay history. In some cases, they can even view and print copies of their last W-2 forms.

Make Direct Deposit an Event

Designate a week for a Direct Deposit Drive. Put out some flyers or mention it in the newsletter, touting the benefits of signing up. Make enrolling easier during the drive. If your company has various locations and departments, let employees know that a payroll representative will visit on a scheduled day to sign up those who wish to join, and tell them what they need (such as a deposit slip from their bank). Or allow employees extra time at lunch time to make their way to the office where they can sign up. You can also “sweeten” the deal by giving all new enrollees a treat. One company gave away money-themed candy bars, such as Payday or Hundred-Thousand Dollar bars. It’s a small token but adds an element of fun and interest.

Sometimes, employees who do not participate in direct deposit don’t voice any objections. They just don’t know much about the system, or they intend to sign up someday when they get around to it. Communication is key. Anticipate questions and provide answers in a newsletter, handout or e-mail, and let employees know someone is available to provide more information. With a little planning and communication, you can greatly increase participation in direct deposit, and maximize the benefits to your company and your employees.

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BASIC offers a variety of Payroll services to meet your needs

  • Payroll Processing is not unique, but BASIC’s service is unmatched. Our customers depend on individualized attention and quick responses to special requests.
  • Remote Software is available for those clients that want to pre-run their payroll before sending their data to BASIC. Remote software also gives the employer the ability to run a large variety of reports.
  • Online Payroll is the wave of the future in payroll technology. When employers use direct deposit their payroll becomes virtually paperless. The greatest benefit of our online system is the ability for employers and their CPA to view 13 months of payroll history and reports. Employees may also view and print 13 months of check history.