Employee Morale Shapes Business Success

March 2012

The start of a new year represents an excellent time to contemplate employee morale within the organization. One success formula for an employer is to place and retain the right employees in the right jobs. Although monetary incentives are one way to help employees cope with economic downturns and challenges, the quality of work/life issues is a vital element that impacts the morale and the successful contributions of your employees.

The first step is to take time to assess how employees feel about their current roles and what the company can do to ensure that they are positioning themselves as an attractive employer. Remember to recognize exceptional workers within the organization. Having employees who are valued, recognized and appreciated for their efforts will generally boost the overall morale of the organization. These employees may also provide critical business and employee referrals to further contribute to the company’s success.

Management can immediately do a great deal to help increase employee morale. Consider the following three tips:

  • Analyze the Business Situation. Question where improvements need to be made or enhancements should take place for employees to effectively and efficiently carry out their work duties.
  • Communicate with Your Employees. Inform employees about changes within staff, budgeting, etc. and take feedback into consideration.
  • Increase Workplace Incentives. Provide an environment with growth opportunities, monetary and non-monetary rewards, and a positive business culture. One simple example that can be easily overlooked is to thank your employees periodically for their efforts in email communications or staff meetings.

In this new year, resolve to make employee morale a priority. A business can prosper with the right mind-set, tools, and the greatest asset – its employees. When employees feel respected, appreciated, and recognized, the increased success of a business will generally follow.