BASIC’s Security is Top Notch

BASIC security is top notch, but don’t simply take our word for it. Thorough data security assessment of the potential risks and vulnerabilities of our systems are performed annually by a third party security assessment firm. This year’s results proved our security measures are working and rest assured your data is protected! Besides the annual assessments we also have an attorney on retainer to ensure we are meeting all legal requirements regarding privacy and security.

From HIPAA compliance to data security and continuity measures how exactly does BASIC keep your personal information safe?

  • Each of our administration software vendors offer encrypted and secured web sessions, data storage and data transmission for full protection of personal health information (PHI), personally identifiable information and, when applicable, debit card information.
  • Our payroll service provider goes beyond industry standard and provides bank-level encryption.
  • All our employees receive ongoing security and privacy awareness training with concise instructions for accessing, storing, transmitting and safeguarding PHI.
  • In addition to supporting encrypted FTP and secure FTP for data exchange, we implemented a secure transfer website to allow our clients and business partners to submit data to BASIC and for BASIC to safely send files to our clients and business partners.

BASIC also uses a third party software solution (ZixMail) to enhance our encryption capabilities to guard your PHI transmitted through email. With a full data backup, the ability to continue critical business functions, and a secure data destruction program, BASIC has your security covered!

HR solutions should be simple and security shouldn’t be a worry. Keep it BASIC.