BASIC’s Claim Processing Cycle

Published March 2009

Our Customer Service Representatives are often asked about our process and timeframe for processing FSA and HRA claims. Although we process claims every business day, the standard processing cycle from the time the claim is received by BASIC and the participant receives payment is typically 4 business days, 2 days of this process is the receipt of payment via the mail or direct deposit. The following diagram explains our process and timeframes in more detail:


Monday: Jane faxes or emails her claim to BASIC (or BASIC receives it in the mail).
Tuesday**: BASIC confirms Jane’s expense eligibility, verifies the receipt(s), and processes the claim.
Wednesday: BASIC mails a reimbursement check or initiates a funds transfer for direct deposit*** into Jane’s bank account.
Friday or later: Jane receives a check in the mail or funds are deposited into Jane’s bank account***.

* HRA processing time may be different based on plan design, specifically plans that track individual expenses.

**During peak periods of higher claim volume, the process above can take additional business days.

*** BASIC does not control when funds are made available to participants. The Federal Reserve does not guarantee availability of funds in less than 2 business days of receipt. Credit Unions regulations are different and may take additional time.

BASIC is dedicated to processing claims as quickly and accurately as possible. From time to time we experience peak volumes that require additional time to process. You can help us reduce processing time by informing your participants to do the following:

  • Always include a claim form, verification notice, or denial notification when submitting a claim. Almost 10% of the claims we receive do not have this required documentation to aid us in quickly identifying the participant.
  • Always include proper documentation/receipts that clearly indicate date of service, provider name, provider address, description of service, and amount.
  • For debit card transactions, new regulations and software system upgrades now allow for many transactions to auto adjudicate, therefore not requiring participants to send in documents to verify their transactions. We advise debit card participants to only send verification documents for their debit card purchases when BASIC requests them to be submitted.
  • Promote direct deposit with your participants for faster access to reimbursement payments.
  • Our claim processing is completely paperless. Mailed claims slow the process requiring scanning and extra handling. Claim submission through fax and email not only saves the environment, but also improves processing speed, tracking, and accuracy.

Here are some additional resources on our website about claim reimbursement:

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Substantiation Guidelines:

Our highly trained and specialized claim processing staff processes over 30,000 claim submissions per month (equating to over 120,000 pages). Our goal is to provide best in class service and we are dedicated to meet our client expectations. Please contact your Customer Service Representative if you have any questions.