BASIC Payroll Plus Tax Services And Two Useful Tax Guides

Published February 2010

Tax season is once again upon us. Below are descriptions of many tax related tasks BASIC Payroll provides with its payroll services.

While many payroll companies figure their client’s payroll taxes, fewer actually file those taxes for their clients. BASIC goes the extra mile to electronically file all required payroll taxes for their clients rather than forwarding them to the employer to send in to the government.

The payroll taxes that BASIC handles include the quarterly Federal Form 941, Federal and State Unemployment Taxes, and State Income taxes. BASIC also files any local or municipal taxes that may apply to the employer, even when many other companies do not.

In addition to payroll related taxes, BASIC completes employee W-2 forms. At the discretion of the employer, the W-2 forms are either mailed directly to the employees or distributed by the employer to their employees. BASIC also offers a direct access portal for employees to look up paycheck and W-2 information. Employers are also aided by BASIC when processing 1099s at the end of the year.

BASIC reports new hire data to the appropriate state government when a new employee is hired on with a client. BASIC also handles garnishments and assists employers in filling out W-4s and I-9 forms, which can be quite complicated.

If you would like more information on BASIC Payroll Plus, please request a proposal by clicking here. You may also contact our sales department at 1-800-444-1922 ext. 3.

If you are a current client of BASIC Payroll Plus and would like more information, contact our Payroll Plus department at 888-PAY-CHKS (729-2457).

The IRS recently released a tax guide to help employers file their 2010 tax returns. Click here to view a copy of the IRS Employer’s Tax Guide for use in 2010.