BASIC HCM: All in One Solution


In a world where files can be automatically backed up to “the cloud”, wouldn’t it be nice if your payroll and HR functions could be automated too? With our HCM solution, there is no need for your HR department to have desks overflowing with paperwork and a to-do list that stretches to the moon.

Our system provides an all in one solution including payroll integration, complete onboarding, and applicant tracking. From the very beginning, our system allows you to track job applicants, making it easy to then convert them over to a new hire once you select a candidate. This method of collecting information creates a more efficient new hire onboarding process, and makes it easier for the employer and employee. The system also allows for online enrollment, eliminating the need for paper enrollment forms and making the record keeping process cleaner and more secure. Employees also have the ability to update their information periodically with the employee self-service portal. Managers have access as well, with a manager self-service portal that allows them access and the ability to update information easily.

Another area where BASIC HCM can help is with integrated payroll administration. Often times when employers utilize a standalone system for their HR needs they have to setup file feeds between their HR vendor and their payroll vendor. This can require extensive testing and work to set up the feeds, and sometimes clients even have to pay in order to establish the connection. By using BASIC HCM for both payroll and HR, we are using the same system for both, making the process much easier. For example, when the employer enters a termination date for an employee into the system, instead of needing to send a file feed, this information flows over to payroll automatically. This gives employers access to our best-in-class payroll administration with a robust payroll and tax engine, while also providing them with a system that can handle their HR needs.

With BASIC HCM, we are also able to help with the ACA Reporting. We have complete ACA functionality that will help your business assess and report on your employees’ eligibility through its suite of ACA tools, reports, and dashboards. This makes it simple to see how the ACA requirements will impact your business. Our HCM clients can rest assured that they are kept compliant with ACA with the use of our new enhanced reports and tools, which include:

  • Automated ACA Data Collection
  • Quick Imports
  • Automatic Status Updates

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