BASIC Announces the Release of HR Assist®

BASIC is proud to announce the release of HR Assist®, our fantastic new service that helps employers lighten their workload, manage risk, and reduce liability. As the newest addition to our roster of services, HR Assist® continues the tradition of utilizing BASIC’s high level of expertise to improve HR administration for employers of all kinds.

BASIC HR Assist® consists of a suite of solutions; we provide employers with the flexibility to choose the solution which suits them best.

HR Assist Lite™, the first tier of our HR Assist offering, gives employers access to our HR On-Demand Module including unlimited access to our “Ask the Pro” feature.  This allows them to pose HR questions to our experts and receive a response within 24 hours.

HR Assist also includes:

  • Custom handbook development
  • Custom job descriptions
  • HR checklists
  • Policy and benefits library
  • Law alerts

HR Assist Self Admin™ is the second tier of HR Assist suite of solutions. It includes everything from HR Assist Lite, plus an entire HR Management system.

This cloud-based system includes:

  • An employee onboarding tool
  • Performance management tool
  • Ability to store, distribute, and track HR and compliance documents
  • Maintain employee data and benefits information for ACA Reporting, including a 1094/1095-C form generator

Additionally, our HR Management system allows for electronic sign-off to show proof of delivery for documents, which can be crucial in the event of an audit. With BASIC’s HR Assist Self Admin, employers are in the driver’s seat while our HR Management system and HR On-Demand Module point them in the right direction.

HR Assist+™ is the final tier of HR Assist suite of solutions. It includes access to our HR On-Demand Module, our HR Management system, and the help of a dedicated administrator who maintains the system on behalf of the employer.

This maintenance includes:

  • Adding compliance documents to the system
  • Adding new hires/terms into the system
  • Maintaining benefit eligibility and change in status when reported
  • Performing adds and terms to coverage with insurance carriers (additional fees apply).
  • For the termination process, our dedicated administrator is able to work with the employer’s COBRA provider to issue COBRA required notices when applicable (must be provided).

For BASIC payroll clients exclusively, our administrator will automatically initiate new employee engagement and onboarding once a new employee is added into our payroll system. For BASIC COBRA clients exclusively, we will automatically generate the COBRA notice once we receive the termination. With BASIC’s HR Assist+, we maintain the system while the employer is able to focus on their business.

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