BASIC announces the launch of My HR Storage

BASIC announces the launch of My HR Storage, a full HRIS cloud based system designed for small and mid-sized businesses.

For 27 years BASIC has provided exceptional services for agents, brokers and their clients. My HR Storage is a broker centric approach to combat poaching from payroll companies and West Coast startups. This software has been vetted by HR Professionals to provide everything a small to mid-size employer wants and needs. After two years of research, programming and testing, My HR Storage is open for business.

Getting started is Easy and Quick

Agents and brokers access the system through a monthly software subscription. This is a great addition to complete your circle of other agency subscriptions such as agency management software, online enrollment platform, or other broker tools, you will find this to be the added value to complete the circle. My HR Storage makes even the most complex employers set up easy through our stress-free import tools.

Agency Benefits

  • Agents can offer My HR Storage to their clients at a reduced or no cost (free) basis. This is a great way to fight fire with fire against those California start-ups.
  • My HR Storage is the perfect connector for the agency, agent, employer and employee all through one source anytime, anywhere. Agencies are able to maintain and control the benefits areas for their clients while providing a complete HRIS system for their needs.
  • My HR Storage is partnered with EasyAppsOnline to provide comprehensive online enrollment for small and mid-sized groups at a reduced cost for My HR Storage users.
  • Employers are looking to their agents for assistance with the growing compliance regulations. My HR Storage offers invaluable tools for ACA and other regulatory notices as well as time consuming ACA reporting.
  • Gain one group + Save one group – Cost of HR Storage with online enrollment = 300%-600% ROI

My HR Storage has included everything an HR Professional could wish for:


  • Onboarding and off-boarding
  • Benefit administration
  • Open enrollment & New Hires
  • 1094-C/1095-C ACA Reporting
  • Policy and procedures
  • Employee relations
  • Training records
  • Handbook
  • Wrap SPDs
  • Workers compensation & OSHA
  • Total compensation
  • COBRA built-in

Now an agency can provide an automated HRIS solution as a value added benefit to all their clients and protect against the poachers! My HR Storage teamed with invaluable agent expertise is a win-win situation for companies nationwide.

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