2015 FMLA Court Cases

The American Bar Association releases its midwinter report of 2015 FMLA court cases. Click here to view the full report!

FMLA Lawsuits can be a nightmare. We at BASIC have seen a growing number of stories about expensive FMLA lawsuits that end up costing employers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

BASIC’s FMLA & Absence Management service provides employees 24/7 access to our web-optimized call-off page and/or an automated toll-free call-in number to track their FMLA absences. The Web Call-Off can be accessed from any web enabled device including smart phones, computers, tablets and laptops. The IVR can be programmed for single or multiple locations tracking continuous and intermittent leave events. BASIC FMLA features a two-step claim process with clarification and authentication criteria to help employers determine whether an employee truly qualifies for FMLA leave.

Don’t become the defendant in an easily avoidable, costly lawsuit!

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2016 Midwinter Meeting Report of 2015 Cases provided by: The ABA