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SummaCare HRA                                                              Powered by: BASIC NEO

Employers who wish to craft a Consumer-Driven Health Plan can pair a SummaCare health plan with a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) to help control cost.  SummaCare has partnered with BASIC NEO to deliver a turn-key HRA plan that will let you decide how to spend your benefit dollars.  Together we can help you design, implement and administer an HRA that fits your needs.

Getting Started:

  1. With your broker or SummaCare account rep, find the appropriate SummaCare health plan for your group.
  2. With the premium savings, self-insure a portion of the deductible or other out-of pocket expenses with an HRA so employee out-of-pocket expenses are manageable.
  3. Work with your broker or SummaCare account rep to craft an HRA plan design that fits your needs. Then download the setup paperwork to get the plan started.

How It Works

SummaCare and NEO make it easy by integrating claim and payment data to facilitate the payment process and improve customer service. See the Getting Started Checklist  for details on setup and administration procedures.

Claim Submission: SummaCare will also automatically provide claim data to NEO. Employees do not have to submit claims.

Eligibility Updates: SummaCare will automatically provide eligibility data for participating groups to NEO. Employers do not have to update NEO with coverage changes.

Secure HR Portal for Employers: Employers can access a secure web portal to view reports on demand.

Fees: Employers pay a small annual fee billed directly by NEO. The monthly PPPM HRA administrative fee is added to the SummaCare premium bill.

Paying claims from the HRA: NEO will process the claims according to each group’s plan design and pays providers directly for eligible in-network expenses. Members are notified via email when payment has been made to a provider. Claims paid from the HRA will not be reflected on the SummaCare EOB.

Member Support: SummaCare Group Support Specialists have access to view the HRA claim and payment detail online. So if  your employee brings you a question about a claim they cannot figure out after going on their member secure portal, please contact your Group Support Specialist for assistance.  In most cases member inquiries should be able to be resolved in one phone call.