Welcome to BASIC - CA and Akron, OH Locations

1.    Use your FSA Prepaid Benefits Card to pay for qualified expenses at the point of purchase.

Two copies of the FSA Benefits Card are automatically issued to each FSA participant. The second card can be signed and used by your spouse or another family member. The FSA Prepaid Benefits Card  is a special-purpose Visa® card that will work at locations with merchant codes that are for providers of medical or day care services. The card will also work at certain retail (e.g. drug stores, discount stores, supermarkets, etc.) and pharmacy locations that sell medical supplies or products if that retailer has the Inventory Information Approval System (IIAS) in place that recognizes qualified FSA expenses.  If the retail merchant does not use the IIAS system, then the card will not work at that location.

Simply present your Card to pay for qualified FSA expenses, eliminating the wait for reimbursement and in many cases, the need to send in claim forms. Many transactions will be automatically approved and you will not be required to submit receipts for the transaction.  If you are required to submit documentation for the transaction, you will be notified via e-mail to send receipts to BASIC NEO.

2.    Submit claims for expenses not paid with your Card, and get reimbursed directly.

You may submit claims and receipts online (instructions to log in to your web portal will come with your election confirmation letter), or send claims by mail, fax, or email. Claim forms and more can be obtained online. Reimbursements are processed weekly on Wednesdays.

You can use either of the above cards to access your FSA Plan