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Wadsworth City Schools

Welcome! Open enrollment for the Wadsworth City Schools 2020/2021 Flexible Spending Account plan is now through August 24th, 2020.  If you want to participate in the plan for the 2020/2021 plan year, you must enroll before that date. Use the links to the right to learn about the benefits of joining an FSA.

FSA Debit Card: Use the card to pay for eligible healthcare expenses at the point of purchase. However, keep your receipts as some debit card transactions will require that you submit documentation of the card swipe to BASIC.  Please review the Debit Card Guidelines and the Debit Card Brochure on the right sidebar.


You may make changes to your election any time up to the deadline date noted above. Make the changes you want and resubmit your election. Your prior election will be overwritten.

Questions?  Contact BASIC at 1-800-775-3539 or admin@BasicNEO.com.

[message_box title="Open Enrollment is Closed" color="yellow"]The FSA Open Enrollment period for your company has expired. If you are entering the plan mid-year as a newly eligible employee or because of a change in status, contact your benefits manager to make your election.[/message_box]

Helpful Information and Resources
Save big by paying for health or child care expenses with pretax dollars!
What’s covered under my FSA?

Eligible/Ineligible Expenses List
Special Rules for Orthodontia and OTC Drugs and Medications

Frequently asked questions about using the FSA plan.


How do I access my FSA funds?

Use your BASIC Prepaid Benefits Card to pay for expenses at the point of purchase, or submit claims to get reimbursed directly.

How do I use my BASIC Prepaid Benefits Card?

Your debit card will be loaded with your full annual election at the beginning of your Plan Year. You can use your card to pay for expenses after the first date of the plan. You cannot use your card to pay for previous year’s expenses.

Do I get a new debit card every year?

No, your debit card is good until the expiration date listed on the front of the card. Please keep your debit card until that date. New debit cards will automatically be issued to you before the expiration date.

Use this cool tool to estimate how much you can save using the FSA plan.

Savings Calculator

What is the deadline to submit a claim?

Active employees have 90 days after the last day of the Plan Year to submit claims for expenses incurred in the prior year. For example, if your Plan Year ends December 31st, you will have until March 31st of the following year (90 days) to mail, fax or email your claim(s) to our office. Any claims after that date will not be accepted.

Payroll Frequency

This describes how often you get paid and the number of times that your FSA deduction will be taken from your check throughout the plan year.

Per Pay Deduction

This is the amount you choose to have withheld from each paycheck.

Looking for ways to use your FSA dollars?

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