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Human resource departments have their hands full with recruitment, employee relations, and managing benefit plans. Ensuring compliance with the ever growing list of government regulations can be complicated, time consuming, and carry severe noncompliance penalties. Thankfully, BASIC is a third party administrator that offers solutions for companies of all sizes across the United States. BASIC provides an HR ecosystem to employers, with a suite of HR Benefit, Compliance, Payroll, and Leave Management solutions offered independently or as part of a platform of services. Paired with our experienced staff, BASIC’s proprietary software and solutions allow employers to control costs, manage risk, and maintain flexibility.

HR Benefits

A rich benefit plan is a requirement to recruit and retain top talent. BASIC offers several tax favored benefits to help enrich any employer’s benefit package. BASIC FSA is a no brainer for all employers. In addition to 25% – 40% savings on medical, dental, vision, or daycare costs, BASIC FSA plan participants can also use our benefit debit card and mobile app. BASIC was also one of the first administrators to offer flexible HRA plans. As the industry changes and new HRAs like QSEHRA, ICHRA and EBHRA are introduced, you can count on BASIC develop a solution.  HSAs and Parking & Transit plans round out BASIC’s pretax benefit options. Both are available in several different administration options to fit your company objectives. Unlike our pretax benefits, COBRA is not optional for most employers. Since 1995, BASIC has developed best practices for COBRA to ensure consistent and reliable compliance and take most of the liability away from employers.

Compliance & Technology

Employers who perform all human resource functions in-house assume more risk than companies who choose to outsource, especially when it comes to regulations and compliance. BASIC provides compliance and technology solutions for companies looking to save time, money, and stress. Our ERISA Essentials service ensures compliance for any company offering group health benefits with the preparation of ERISA documents (Wrap SPD, Model Notices, SMM, 5500 Filing). In addition to ERISA, BASIC offers guaranteed ACA reporting and filing compliance with our ACA Elevate service. Our proprietary software paired with our team of ACA experts assist employers with completing the necessary forms and e-Filing to the IRS. For small to mid-size companies with or without an HR department, our HR Assist Lite service is the perfect option to streamline your HR functions. BASIC HR Assist Lite offers access to custom handbook creation, harassment training, and unlimited Ask the Pro for all your compliance and HR related questions.

Payroll & Leave Management

Another important responsibility for human resources departments is taking care of payroll and leave management. Whether you need in-house software or fully outsourced payroll processing, BASIC has a solution for every employer. BASIC avoids loading you up with unnecessary features you don’t need so you only pay for what you’ll use. BASIC is an industry leader in FMLA Administration, thanks to our proprietary software and certified FMLA case managers. More employers are choosing to outsource FMLA to drastically reduce their liability. We help employers as small as 50 employees to as large as 15,000 employees administer their FMLA and absence management effectively, efficiently, and most importantly, with guaranteed compliance.

At BASIC, we understand the challenges facing human resources departments in the constantly changing business world. That’s why as technology and regulations evolve, so do we. Whether your company is looking for supplemental HR expertise or a full suite of outsourced HR solutions, BASIC has you covered. Request a proposal today!

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