FMLA Administration: Shift your FMLA responsibilities to BASIC


Between 4% and 10% of U.S. employees are absent on any given day. Tracking and managing intermittent leaves is the number one employer difficulty.

FMLA claims increased from 12.5 to 14.9 per 100 eligible employees in one year.


Wrongful termination verdicts  have skyrocketed by 60%. The median amount rewarded is $326,640.It costs employers an average of $78,000 to defend an FMLA lawsuit, regardless of outcome.

Benefits of BASIC’s FMLA Solutions

  • Fair and consistent application of FMLA, meeting Federal and State Legislative requirements for all employees at all locations.
  • Intermittent and continuous FMLA absence administration.
  • Multiple tracking period options.
  • Access to BASIC’s FMLA Dashboard.

FMLA, or the Family Medical Leave Act, administration services range from simple outsourcing to HR Consulting and absenteeism in union environments.

BASIC FMLA Administration Options

BASIC offers several levels of FMLA Administration to best fit the needs of clients. We assist organizations that have just reached the 50 employee threshold to fortune 500 companies open 24/7.  Let one of our knowledgeable staff help assess your current FMLA processes to help identify possible compliance risks.

• For employer groups ranging from 50 to 500 ee’s with low FMLA occurrence.
• Designed for employer groups with more than 250 ee’s, having frequent FML occurrences of intermittent leave or a need for Integrated Voice Response (IVR).

BASIC offers several levels of FMLA Administration, including full Absence Management with an Integrated Voice Response (IVR) call off line. However, FMLA Fundamentals is a perfect solution for companies who’d like to keep their FMLA administration in-house.
BASIC’s FMLA Fundamentals™ is perfect for organizations that:
• Just recently crossed the threshold for FMLA compliance
• Would prefer to manage all aspects of their FMLA but would like access to a FMLA professional for periodic guidance
• Recently encountered a situation that may fall under FMLA protection
that requires immediate attention and professional advice
• Does not want to get caught unprepared for a DOL audit

BASIC Fundamentals
BASIC Absence Management
• Intended for employer groups with the need to harness technology to track unscheduled absences for single or multiple locations.


FMLA Fundamentals

FMLA Fundamentals is a perfect solution for companies who’d like to keep their FMLA administration in-house. This easy to use and cost effective manual will help guide HR professionals and employers to better understand their requirements of the Family Medical Leave Act. FMLA Fundamentals will educate employers and HR personnel on all FMLA policies and procedures to prevent or sufficiently respond to a DOL investigation. Along with our FMLA Fundamentals manual, BASIC also provides toll free Q&A support from our Industry Certified Case Managers and excel formatted tracking spreadsheet for continuous and intermittent leave.


BASIC will provide administration support to employers that have a low frequency of FMLA claims. The employer has the ability to manage attendance and absences, but when they come across a potential claim, they notify us and we go through the certification process while providing the employer with all the details, policies and documentations needed to ensure compliance.

FMLA Ease Plus

With this solution you get all of the same benefits as FMLA Ease along with an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System, which will give employees access to an automated 24 hour/7 day toll-free call-in number to track their FMLA absences. The IVR can be programmed for single or multiple locations tracking continuous and intermittent leave events.

Advanced Technology

Our custom built FMLA Dashboard allows employers easy access to timely information about the status and history of their FMLA activity.

FMLA Resources

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