MDA Sponsored BASIC Premium Only Plan (POP)

Section 125 of the IRS Code allows employees to contribute pre-tax income for qualified company benefits.

The BASIC POP offers the following features:

  • Legal Plan Document
  • One (1) Summary Plan Description to copy
  • Employee information sheet with enrollment forms
  • Toll-free technical support
  • Periodic electronic newsletter
  • Free document amendments or updates
  • Free monthly webinars

Company benefits that qualify for tax savings

  • Employer sponsored medical insurance plans, including dental, vision, prescription drugs and HSA contributions
  • The first $50,000 of group term life insurance (on the employee only)
  • Accidental death and dismemberment
  • Short term and long term disability However, the income benefits will be taxable as income at the time of disability. Other accident or health benefits established under IRC 106 are eligible as well.


Note: Individuals with 2% or more stock in an S-Corporation, Partnership, LLC members or Sole Proprietorship are NOT Eligible to Participate. Also, an employed spouse/ family member of an S-Corporation owner are NOT eligible. Long term care policies and Medical Savings Accounts are NOT covered.payroll tax MDA


MDA Member Promotional Pricing:

BASIC Premium Only Plan (POP) – $165 first year


BASIC Premium Only Plan (POP) with HSA deductions – $195 first year


Sign up for BASIC Payroll Plus by the end of 2014 and receive a credit of $165 for the cost of your BASIC POP.