Background Services

Employment Verification

Upwards of 30% of all employee applications and resumes are exaggerated in some form or fashion. Individuals most often lie about dates of employment or positions from which they were fired.  Many exaggerate their educational and professional accomplishments and some try to disguise irresponsible work patterns. BASIC Background Verification Services, will contact as many prior employers as required and verify the following:

- Dates of service

- Positions held

- Whether they are full or part time

- Reasons for leaving

- Eligibility for rehire


Criminal, Civil & Corrections Records

BASIC, is able to establish the existence of a record.  This information is critical in identifying individuals with violent or dishonest histories.  In addition, this report will include the date, court location, name, physical description, offenses and file/case numbers.


Social Security (SSN)

BASIC, uses a social security number, name and date of birth to verify whether the social number given is valid and information regarding state and year of issue is correct.


Driving Records (MVR)

Nearly 50% of the individuals on the road have received at least one moving violation.  Nearly 42,000 people were killed last year in an automobile accident and an estimate of 10% of the drivers on the road does not have a valid license.  State motor vehicles reports provide a record of all moving violations and driving related offenses committed for the past three to seven years.  If you are entrusting your employees to transport merchandise or people in your vehicle or theirs, a history of their performance behind the wheel is critical.


Education Verification

Nearly one quarter of the information individuals supply regarding education, dates of attendance, degrees, and institution is false or embellish. BASIC, will verify the following information:

- Dates of attendance

- Levels completed

- Areas of emphasis

- Degrees awarded

- Honors received


Certification Verification

A great deal of the information that individuals supply regarding certifications and licenses are false or expired.  At BASIC, we can assure that the proper course work was completed; the examinations were passed and check to see if in fact the license or certification was indeed obtained.  Allowing us to pre-screen in this area can lower turnover, reduce training costs and maximize performance.


Personal References

BASIC, has the skills to interview your prospective employees’ references in an attempt to ascertain honesty and integrity.  The plethora of information provided by third parties when acquired by a skilled investigator is highly more accurate and valuable than the information provided by the applicant.  At BASIC, we will first determine how long the reference has known the individual and the nature of their relationship.  We will find the following information:

- The individual’s character

- Productivity

- Punctuality

- Interpersonal skill

- Management skills

- Employability


Fee Schedule

Criminal Record Check - State $24.50 Buy Now
Criminal Record Check - County $24.50 Buy Now
Criminal Record Check - Federal $26.50 Buy Now
Driving Record Check $20.00 Buy Now
Education verification – Per Degree $15.50 Buy Now
Employment Verification (up to 3 employers) $22.50 Buy Now