Human Resources Department Essentials: HR Assist Lite

Growing a business can be extremely difficult, especially in the current economic climate. Small businesses without a human resources department often find their HR responsibilities to be time consuming and overwhelming, while mid-size companies with a human resources department may be feeling the pressure to reduce expenses. In either case, BASIC’s HR Assist Lite offers solutions to help both small and mid-size businesses maximize the efficiency of their human resources department.

HR Assist Lite gives employers access to a full suite of tools to help with managing all things human resources. Our clients, especially companies without HR experts on staff, love Unlimited Ask the Pro, a feature of HR On-Demand. It allows employers to ask a team of certified HR Advisors as many questions as they want, on topics ranging from sick leave policies to the finer points of the Affordable Care Act. Take the guesswork out of staff management and ask the professionals!

Eliminate the stress and time spent on the tedious side of workforce management. Our HR On-Demand portal gives you the ability to create custom employee handbooks, job descriptions, and HR documents – all tailored to your business to ensure your company stays compliant and protected. Plus, HR Assist Lite’s policy library and law alerts provide employers assistance on a variety of time-sensitive issues like COVID-19 regulations. These features help employers to understand and follow the laws necessary to create safe, healthy, and respectful workplaces.

HR Assist Lite gives small and mid-size employers the essential tools they need to streamline their human resources department. And the HR experts help take the weight of compliance and staff management off your shoulders so you can focus on growing your business. A more efficient HR department is right around the corner – request a proposal for HR Assist Lite today!